What I make: Currently, I make Pokemon, My Little Pony, and Game/Anime specific characters. Usually, they use the same base pattern which is adjusted to fit the needs of the characters. However, I also make custom patterns (seen in the Poro and Pachimari plushies) when needed.

Custom Details: Price varies depending on complexity and may go anywhere from slightly above regular plush price to over double. I do and can make custom patterns. All canon character patterns may be reused for the shop in the future. I do not offer custom one-time patterns for canon characters. Custom character patterns are never reused (since you own the design for the character).
Anywhere from 1-3 custom slots are available each month. The open the first of each month PST time. I usually only book one month at a time unless for special cases. Feel free to message me on Etsy for more information.

Currently Stocked Plush: The currently available plushies are all featured on my Etsy shop. There is no definite time they will be restocked. Usually the minimum I try to accomplish is at least once every year. Each restock may offer anywhere from 4-10 plushies.

Why so Tiny? The plush line seen is my “TINY” line. They feature plushies that are 2-3.5 inches as its longest point. The reason I make them so small is so they are easy to carry around and can be used as keychains. I have a history of travel anxiety and insomnia. When I travel, I usually never have a good nights rest and get anxiety while on the airplane. I find that bringing a small plush with me eases my worries and help me feel more comfortable. It’s like bringing something familiar with me to unfamiliar places. Therefore, I wanted to create a line that allow easy travel. These little guys are pretty durable and can travel and be stuffed in any small pocket.

How Do you Make them? Each plush takes 2-4 hours each to make. I always try to pack as many details as I can into each plush but the size can make it very difficult. As a result, things take a little longer to make because of the size. The eyes and cutie marks are machine embroidered. The parts of the plush are machine sewn but the sections of the plush (head, tail, wing, horn, etc) are all hand-sewn.

Brief History: I started my Etsy selling journey with this plushies. I originally made them as a hobby and only sold 1-5 each month. After leaving my day job to work on Etsy full time, I found that it was too difficult just selling plushies. I eventually moved into charm and print making. The plushies were eventually put on the back burner. I still love making them but they do take a huge amount of time. Therefore, I don’t offer as many as as use to but I hope people still come to appreciate and enjoy each one.

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