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Artober 2019 Artobook

Artober 2019 Artobook

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Keep the season alive year-round! Spooky and spontaneous animals that will haunt you in the best ways! A charmingly cute addition to any collection, this is a unique gift (or boo-tiful bonus for yourself) for all ages that you can’t find anywhere else. These delightful critters may cause ghosty grabby-hands, bat-squeals of joy, or people saying “awww” in that voice typically reserved for puppies.

- 31 colored creature illustrations inspired by the word prompts of 2019 Artober
- Professionally printed with a glossy finish to blind your enemies (or your friends)
- 5.5in x 8.5in, so the spooky can travel with you! (14cm x 22cm)

Personalization options: If you have any preferences for a personalized message or specific things you want to request to be sketched, please include them in the notes section of your order.

Not all suggestions may be fulfilled due to time/space/distractions from cute bats.

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