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Selphie & Co Beef Noodle Soup Postcard

Selphie & Co Beef Noodle Soup Postcard

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Don’t end up in hot water! Be sure to send a note to friends and family that will let you all stew in some great memories. A shared meal is always a great way to show affection and our three friends, Selphie the Shiba Inu, PL the Pug, and Dabs the Corgi, remind us of that over their communal bowl of beef noodle soup.

Our three friends are from the Selphie & Co. line and their adventures are featured on our webcomics here. Buying this super cute postcard not only supports independent creators, but is also a fantastic way to introduce a friend to some fun comics!

- Printed with eco-friendly soy and vegetable-based inks
- Doubled-sided (postcard on back)
- 120# Recycled Silk Cover. Gemstone Silk is FSC certified, 100% PCW, Green-e energy certified and Ancient Forest Friendly | Caliper is 11.8 pt.
- Paper has a subtle, sophisticated sheen that is similar to eggshell house paints. With 95% brightness, this makes the art stand out.
- Sending small tokens through the mail is a great way to keep cherished connections current. No matter the distance!

Size: 6 inches x 4 inches (approximately 15cm x 10cm) | Standard Postcard size


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