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Selphie Par-tea Birthday Card

Selphie Par-tea Birthday Card

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Pu’er on the puns! It doesn’t take Oolong to get the par-tea started, and steep it going. Selphie the White Shiba Inu wants everyone to have a wonderful time with whichever brew they choose! Let loose and have Herbal!

Selphie is from our Selphie & Co. line and their adventures are featured on our webcomics here. Buying this super cute card not only supports independent creators, but is also a fantastic way to introduce a friend to some cute comics!

- 100% recycled post-consumer paper
- Printed with eco-friendly soy and vegetable-based inks
- Packed in 100% recycled plastic bags
- 50 sheets with Chipboard backing
- Notepads may result in achieving goals of grocery shopping, communication, completing to-do lists, and tiny origami creatures.

Size: 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches (approximately 8cm x 14cm) | Standard A2 size category


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