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Selphie the Shiba Inu Plush Keychain - Adorable and Fashionable

Selphie the Shiba Inu Plush Keychain - Adorable and Fashionable

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Let Selphie brighten up your day!

Meet Selphie, the lovable white Shiba Inu from the Selphie & Co. line! Join Selphie and her furry dog friends on exciting adventures that are featured on our webcomics here. With their playful attitudes and adventurous spirits, Selphie and her dog friends are always ready for new challenges. Take a piece of Selphie and her dog friends with you wherever you go with our adorable plush keychains made with soft and fluffy material.

Add a touch of fun to your everyday routine with our Selphie & Co. products. Our Selphie plush keychains are perfect for anyone who loves cute and cuddly creatures and makes great gifts. Come along with Selphie and her dog friends on their exciting escapades and brighten up your day every time you reach for your keys with our Selphie & Co. products!

Size: 3.5 in tall x 2.5 in wide x 2.5 in long (approximately 9cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm)

Care: It is recommended you hand wash and hang dry your plush. Both machine-sewed and hand-sewn components. Due to hand-sewn components, rough play is not advised; however, it does not show problems with getting tossed around a bit. The key-chain attachment is machine sewn to the body of the plush, so it stays on very well.

*Not recommended for children under 3 years of age*


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